Sunday, January 4, 2009

Semi-disappointing start

I just got back from Wal-Mart.
I spent $40 on groceries.
I didn't use a single coupon.


But, I got exactly what we needed for the week grocery wise. AND- Homeland's ad came early, and I will definitely be heading there on Wed. when this next sale starts.

Today after church, I really wanted to stop somewhere for lunch. However, Brandon refused, reminding me we could make sandwiches and save $ by eating at home. What a great husband :) It's been a wonderful 2 weeks off work, but I'm ready to get back and work with my speech kiddos. I missed them!

I'm starting a new program tomorrow with my 4th & 5th graders: Speech Lab. I'll post more details about the program later......

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Domestic Accident said...

Such willpower. It's the stuff that savings are made of.