Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 savings and spending

I plan to continue my monthly couponing savings/spending total posts in 2009, solely for the fact that it makes me keep track of my spending. In December, I didn't even step foot in Homeland, but I did go to Aldi's twice for most of my baking goods. I really don't know how much I saved at Aldi's, but it was sure nice to run in and get what I needed.

Total OOP: $204.79
Total saved with coupons/sales: $173.87
Rebates earned? $2.20 @ Walgreens

Total spent in 2008: $2,541.45

Total saved in 2008: $2,364.87

If you average it out, I spent about $49 a week on groceries and household/beauty items!


Chi said...

Great job in 2008! Looks like I need you to show me a few budgeting tricks:) Have a great 2009!

Oh, can you tell me how to jazz up my blog? I have no idea how to do it!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job! We just got a new printer so I am excited to get back into couponing again! Don't you just love Aldi! They are great for baking supplies at the holidays!