Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008....

Welcome 2009!

I re-read my post from January 1, 2008 and almost all of our resolutions came true! 2008 was a very eventful year in our family and we achieved even more than we thought we could or would.
Here's a recap of what happened in 2008:
* I graduated with my Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology
* I accepted a job with BA public schools & love it!
* We bought a house!
* We learned (very quickly) about home improvement and repair :)
* I improved my weekly meal planning and we slowly improved our budget by eating-in more often (although we still need to work on that)
* We purchased season football tickets and had a wonderful time
* I continued to coupon & keep our grocery bills low
* I did pretty well with the project 365 challenge. I would say I took about 325 pictures total. Still, not too bad!
* I continued to scrapbook 1x a month

So much changed in 2008, I'm looking forward to relaxing and enjoying everyday life in 2009. Some of our resolutions are as follows:
- to remain healthy and active
- continue meal planning & eating out less
- to pay off the new furnace/air conditioner
- hopefully purchase Brandon a newer vehicle
- finally paint the last 2 bedrooms and the bathroom upstairs
- find a better mail/important papers organization system
- continue to scrapbook monthly
- plant a garden in the backyard in the spring
- continue to coupon/save $ in that area
- become a more efficient SLP- keep a better handle on paperwork and become more creative in my therapy techniques

What are some of your New Year's resolutions?
May you be blessed in 2009! Happy New Year!


CindyDianne said...

Great resolutions for 2009 and so much to be proud of in 2008!

CC said...

Happy New Year!! Great resolutions!

Kelli said...

If you come up with a good mail/important papers organization system, please let us know! I am SO in need of that but am at a loss of how to do it.

Trina said...

I have never made resolutions before. Good job on yours!