Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures

So, I'm a little late posting my pictures.....We spent Thanksgiving in Texas and had a great time. Here's Leia with Brandon's other pom, Sebastian. Sebass wanted NOTHING to do w/ Leia, but she just kept on trying to play with him :) Here's one of our family photos:

Brandon with his mom, right before supper:On Black Friday, Jim, Brandon and I went to Fry's at 5am because Jim wanted this monitor for $99! It took us a while to figure out where the monitors were in the store, and there was this sort-of line for the monitors, computers and printers. I worked my way up to the front & was shoved by this man into a metal rack! This nice lady (who just wanted a printer) helped me move up to the front with her, and I GOT THE LAST MONITOR! Brandon and Jim were very proud!


erincraig said...

Look at you guys in your OSU orange!

Trina said...

Oh my gosh, someone shoved you!? This is why I can't bring myself to get out on Black Friday, as much as I like a good deal.