Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sausage Balls for Breakfast/Brunch

I've been posting alot of recipes lately, but I just love these for breakfast! They are great to take to church on Sunday mornings, but I made a double batch last night for my work Christmas party and to save in the freezer for an event in January.

These are so easy to make, and you can freeze them! You can pull them straight out of the freezer and put them straight into the oven.
Here's the recipe:
Sausage Balls
3 cups Bisquick
3-4 cups of cheese (up to you-I use 3 cups)
16 oz. of sausage
1/2 cup of milk
garlic powder to taste
Combine all ingredents until moist. Form into balls and place lightly on a greased (or parchment paper lined) cookie sheet. Cook @ 350 degrees for 14-20 minutes. (Keep an eye on 'em- time depends upon if they were frozen or not)
Makes approx. 60 sausage balls.
(reposted from March '08- these are just that good!)

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Lynn said...

I have made ones like this using home made biscuit dough. The bisquick though would be much quicker.

Chi said...

you are certainly the baking queen:)

Amy said...

Sounds like a great recipe! Thanks for sharing it.

Arlene said...

Mmmm, I have a very similar recipe and it is great! The only thing is I add some black pepper, chopped green onions, and finely diced celery for a nice crunch and kick! Yum!