Thursday, December 4, 2008

Picture catch-up

Hopefully this is the last of my photo catch-up posts..........

This past Saturday we spent most of the day over in Stillwater tailgating and to watch the Bedlam football game. OSU didn't win (sadly) but we still had a great time. That's what I love about OSU fans- we're ALUMNI-not just football fans. We still love our school when the football team stinks. It's just a (nice) bonus when we have a great season. Here's some photos from Saturday- I played with the color setting on my camera, I think it made for some cool photos......
Brandon and I infront of the library- the fountain was orange since ESPN was there :)

The team @ the end of warm-up

Tailgating in the Alumni Center- it was too cold to be outside! We brought in our own cooler, watched Kansas beat Mizzou and had a wonderful time :)

You have to be from Oklahoma to appreciate this photo- but if you're interested, google OU/Big Red Sports & Imports- it's funny :)

And this is what we woke up to Monday morning- SNOW! Ok, it wasn't much more than what was on the roof tops and it most definately didn't stick- but what a way to start December.

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Allison said...

Ok, I thought you changed the fountain color when you said you played with your camera settings until I saw that you didn't! Also, do you realize now that when I'm out I associate orange anything and OSU stuff with you. Seriously. Just like the orange baby stuff. :)