Sunday, January 18, 2009

Speech Lab

I learned about Speech Lab from another SLP in the district back in the fall, and I've just now successfully implemented it within my school. So, I thought I'd share what it is. This is mainly for my own giggles (so I can look back at this and tweak it later) and for my SLP readers.

This is how it works:
Lab occurs 4 days a week for 10 minute sessions.
Only my articulation kiddos participate, and they are divided by grade (6-8 kids in each grade).

The kids come in, pick up their speech folders, check the white board for their activity number, and go to that activity.

Within their speech folder, they have a:
* Calendar (they mark their attendance right away)
* Copy of their IEP goal sheet
* Weekly response recording sheet (I fill this out)
* List of phoneme specific words/sentences/short paragraphs to practice while completing their daily activity

The kids have my permission to correct each others speech errors, and so far they've done really well with this. Each kiddo has a partner for the week. They travel through the activities together. They aren't partnered based on sound/production level- it's random.

Before each 'turn' at the said game/activity, the child must read a line off their phoneme page. After each correct production, the kiddo puts a checkmark next to the line. I can go back and see how many times they were able to practice their specific sound in a session. Most of the kids are getting in at least 20 correct productions in 10 minutes!

Here are some of the activities we've done so far:
- tic-tac-toe
- reading AR books aloud
- Apples to Apples
- Rhino Rampage
- Connect 4
- Themed worksheets from
- Uno
- Go Fish
- writing on the white board
- online articulation games

Also, I should mention that I response record for each child 1x a week. While the kiddos are busy with their activities, I walk around the room, response recording and making sure everyone is playing fairly and following the speech lab rules.

I'm sure I missed something, but that's the basics of Speech Lab and how it works for me :)


Chi said...

We do something similar to this in our district as well and it works really well. I like your ideas...I'll have to implement those. Are you feeling better?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are so well organized. You seem like you are having a great first year!

CC said...

This is great!! Maybe I can try it out next year...