Monday, August 3, 2009

Stealing Groceries

I had an amazing shopping trip at Wal-Mart today! (rarely are these words uttered around our house) I was really bummed that neither the Tulsa World nor the Daily Oklahoman had the Kellogg's insert inside on Sunday, but I figured it was still worth running the Kellogg's rebate deals.
For the past two years, I've combined the insert coupons with sales, and then mailed in the $10 rebate to Kellogg's. I thought this year I was just going to have to 'make due' and use the price-matching with the I said, it was an amazing Wal-Mart trip!

I turned down the cereal aisle, only to find that over half of the Kellogg's cereal boxes had $1/1 peelie coupons on them! I price-matched to the Walgreens sale (2 boxes of cereal for $3 and $1.25/box NutriGrain bars) used the peelie coupons I had found, one 'Fuel for School' booklet I found at Reasors and a few printables I found online for all of this:

Total OOP: $35.09
- $30 (3, $10 rebates)
= $5.09 TOTAL for: 19 boxes of cereal
2 packages of Keebler cookies
1 box of Cheez-It's
2 boxes of Yogos
5 boxes of NutriGrain bars
1 package of Cinnabon cereal bars
1 loaf of store brand bread
1 package of store brand coffee

My total would have been at least $90.22 before coupons & price matching!!!!

I haven't done much couponing during this pregnancy, but this has definately made up for it! Last year, we didn't need to purchase cereal again until December- I hope we can strech it that far this year as well.

(Side note: remember that you can only use 1 rebate form per address/name;
remember to take your Walgreens ad with you to Wal-Mart, and be patient with the cashier! A little bit of kindness goes a long way.)


Katie said...

that is crazy amazing! i seriously aspire to be like am so impressed :))

ps: cute pregnancy pictures!


brent, leighann & cole said...

How do you do the kellog's rebates???

That was amazing!!!