Thursday, September 3, 2009

The lowdown on c-sections

Our c-section was scheduled due to Bryson's estimated size on ultrasounds. I felt pretty prepared going into the c-section, as I had researched it on the Internet and read my baby books.
BUT- there are a few things that I wasn't prepared for, and I thought I'd share 'em!

1. Swelling
I had no clue how bad the swelling would be after the c-section. I was told it had something to do with the IV fluids, etc. My feet were swollen for over a week, and it was very painful. It felt like my skin was going to rip open. yuck.
What did I do to help reduce the swelling? We started walking every evening for 30 minutes and I've been drinking a TON of water.

2. Gas
Gross, I know- but my whole belly was filled with gas about 24 hrs after the c-section. I had actually read about this, but I wasn't prepared for it to be that severe. If this happens to you, make sure and tell your nurse sooner rather than later! They have medicine that can help!

3. Feelings
I was talking with my friend Kacey the other day about my 'baby blues'. She made an excellent point- and I thought I'd share it. :)
With a vaginal birth, you go through all this pain, but the pain goes away when your child is born. With a scheduled c-section, you have no pain at the beginning. You lay on an operating table and your child is surgically removed from you. Then, you have intense pain right after the birth of your child.
I had amazing doctors and nurses who managed my pain medication very well- and within 24 hours of the surgery I was feeling pretty good.

4. IV's and catheters
I knew I would be receiving an IV and a catheter, but I didn't realize that the IV would be on my wrist. Yuck. It was difficult to hold Bryson and to push myself up in the hospital bed with the position of the IV. The IV was in place for a little over 24 hours. The catheter was in place overnight since my c-section wasn't til early afternoon. It took a while after the catheter was removed to feel like I could use the restroom 'normally'. Enough said.

Overall, I just wasn't mentally prepared (and I don't know if you ever can be) for the birth of our little one. As soon as I prayed about it and accepted that Bryson's birth and breastfeeding experience was different than what I had expected, things got much better.
It was fine for me to have expectations, but I need to learn how to roll with the punches a little more. So much of Bryson's birth and first week home has exceeded my expectations! I can't wait to see what the future holds.

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