Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Number 5, baby!

Our amazing Oklahoma State Cowboy football team is #5 in the AP rankings this week. #5!!!

It's been since before I acknowledged college football that OSU was this good! So, to celebrate, here's some photos of my 2 OSU babies :)
My parents kept Bryson and Leia on Saturday so that Brandon, my sister and I could attend the OSU vs. Georgia game. It was great to be back in the football stadium, and to have some 'adult' time. We sure did miss Bryson- but a Cowboy victory and some Mexico Joes salsa helped console me :)
I'm told Bryson enjoyed his time with his MiMi and Granddaddy, and he even watched some of the game on TV!

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2dayisgood said...

bryson is a cutie pie. wish you lived closer where i could hold him. there's nothing better than a sweet smelling baby. i love the fresh baby bath smell.

hope the football season goes well for the cowpokes. jordan and kristeen are going to a game in october when they come into town for a wedding.