Monday, September 14, 2009

three weeks

Our little man is 3 weeks old today! My in-laws were in town this weekend to meet Bryson, so the weekend flew by.

Now that you are three weeks old:

* You have slept from 10:45pm until 5am on two occasions- I hope this is a new trend!
* I found you on your side in your pack-n-play when I left you on your back, so maybe you are trying to roll over?
* You stay awake longer- mainly in the mornings and after supper
* You have outgrown a few of your newborn sized onesies- they are just not long enough!
* You still wear size 1 diapers- you never fit into the newborn ones
* You have 'watched' two OSU football games and been to church twice :)
* We are finally figuring each other out!

1 comment:

erincraig said...

Sounds like things are going really well for the 3 of you! He looks so much like his daddy in this picture!