Monday, October 20, 2008

1st it was IOC.....

Remember a few weeks ago when there was an IOC (intruder on campus) all-call at my elementary school?

Well, today there was a real fire alarm! I was working on some paperwork in my room, getting ready for my next therapy group and the fire alarm went off. (By the way, the alarms are different then when we were kids- a buzzing noise comes out of the intercom, then a man's voice saying 'the fire alarm has been activated' and a fire truck noise follows.) Since I'm in my own little pre-fab, I thought 'well, I'll just stay in here', but the school secretary came over the intercom and said "this is not a drill!" (sound familiar?) At that point I decided it would probably be best to leave my room.

Turns out, the fire alarm went off due to a misguided sensor over by the music room. There wasn't really a fire (thank goodness!) but we weren't allowed back into the school until the firemen came and gave us the all-clear. So we spent about 15 minutes outside. Luckily, it was a pretty day!

There's never a dull moment at my school :) The only alarm left to go off is the tornado alarm- and hopefully that won't go off anytime soon!

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Trina said...

Lots of action on campus LOL I am glad it was a false alarm. And tornados are really scary so I hope you don't have to hear that alarm any time soon!