Monday, October 13, 2008

25 Frugal Things I Do

Over at, she posted 25 frugal things that she does for her family. Here's mine:

1. I shop at Homeland, which doubles coupons
2. I price-comp Homeland, Reasors and Food Pyramid ad's at Wal-Mart
3. I stockpile when items are free/cheap
4. Over 3/4ths of the light bulbs in our house are energy efficient (CFL's)
5. Our house is usually around 77 degrees in the summer.
6. I'm planning our meals a week at a time, hoping to cut down on eating out.
7. We each have a $10/week lunch out budget
8. I freeze meat/bread so when I do find it on sale, it'll last longer
9. I try to buy energy star products
10. When buying clothes, I wait for them to go on sale.
11. We drive my car almost everywhere so that Brandon's old car will last longer.
12. I buy school supplies, holiday decorations and candy after the holidays and save 'em for next year.
13. I keep a budget. (well, try to!)
14. I avoid the mall unless I need something there.
15. I order water when out to eat.
16. Brandon and I split entrees at several restaurants. It's healthier for us and saves money.
17. I put a little in savings every month.
18. I don't have a house phone, just our cell phones.
19. I don't have digital cable. (even though I'd love it!)
20. I grocery shop once a week.
21. I purchase kid's b-day and baby shower gifts in advance when I find outfits, toys, etc on sale.
22. I exchange recipes with other teachers at school- trying to keep my menu's exciting.
23. I only go to Homeland (it's across town) when the deals are worth the gas.
24. I switched to a more fuel efficient vehicle over a year ago.
25. I blog about bargains and to keep me accountable with our spending :)

What do you do to stay frugal?

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Crazy Daisy said...

We do several of these, however I'm always looking for new ideas, especially with us buying a house! One I could add to the list would be that we use the library for DVDs instead of buying/renting them, and