Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Break: Part 2

What a great weekend! OSU's Homecoming celebration is one of the best, if not the best in the nation. A crazy amount of people drive into Stillwater just to attend Walkaround- look at the crowd behind Brandon! What makes Walkaround so unique is the house decks. The fraternities and sororities team up and create the house decks. They build huge metal frames and attach chicken wire. Within the chicken wire is pomping- small pieces of tissue paper shoved into each little wire hole to create a design. During the football game, the winners are announced. This year there was more micro-pomping than years past- meaning more tiny pieces of tissue, thus more detail. Here's some of my favorite house decks:
On Saturday we went to the Homecoming parade and met up w/ my friend Melissa and her family.

Then, we did some tailgating and went to 'The Walk'- I even got to see Coach Gundy!
We were SO tired by the game @ 2pm, but OSU beat Baylor 34-6 so it was worth it :)
Now, we're back in Tulsa, trying to rest up and get ready for the work-week.

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Chi said...

I'm jealous of your fall break. That doesn't exist here:( Homecoming looked super fun. Wish I were there! Have a great week!