Friday, October 31, 2008

This week @ school

I'm trying to become more creative with my therapy ideas at the elementary school. My personal goal is to incorporate more fine motor activities and literacy based assignments in with speech and language therapy. Here's a picture of one of my 1st graders completed work:

This week we made two easy crafts- Speech Spiders (I stole the idea from my good friend Melissa) and acorns.
For the acorn and leaf lesson: the kiddos cut out the leaf, stem and acorn parts, colored the acorn and assembled the parts per oral instruction. For my language only kiddos, this was a simple following directions activity. For my articulation kiddos, they looked through my sound cards and wrote 5-10 target sound words that they wanted to take home and practice over the weekend.

Speech Spiders: I pre-cut small circles and laid 8 little strips of paper & 8 brown shoes on the table. The kiddos folded the paper strips like an accordion (this had fine motor written all over it) and then glued the shoes onto the legs. Then the legs onto the body. The articulation kiddos wrote target sound words on the shoes, while the language kids answered 'wh' questions about spiders. When we were done w/ the lesson, they could draw the spider's face, etc.


Elizabeth said...

Great ideas! I love the spiders. I wasn't as creative this year as I've been in the past, but I am trying to think of good stuff for halloween. If I think of anything fun, I'll put it on my blog.

Allison said...

So cute!!! :)