Saturday, November 29, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving in Texas with Brandon's side of the family & had a great time.

There's a CVS down the street from my in-law's house and I've always wanted to be a CVS couponer, it's like- the holy grail of couponing. I always hear (read) about these amazing deals at CVS on Money Saving Mom and Hot Coupon Word. The problem is, we don't have a CVS here in Tulsa, just Walgreens on every corner. The closest CVS is over in Oklahoma City.

Thanksgiving morning, I was looking at the Dallas paper, and I noticed how many items were free after Extra Care Bucks & that CVS was open on Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law and I stirred out and I did pretty well for my 1st time CVS-ing.
Here's what I got:

Total OOP: $11.09
Total Saved: $80.96

Barefoot Wine
Light Bulbs
Colgate Toothpaste (made $1!)
Covergirl powder (made $1!)
Bic razor (made $3!)
Loreal lip gloss, Nail Polish, face cleansing cloths
Aussie hair spray (made $1)
12 pk toilet paper

I think that's a pretty good 1st CVS shopping experience!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Yes, you did a great job! They don't sell wine at our stores.

Allison said...

So, what did you do with your other "free" ECB? And sadly, I'm in AR so I didn't get to go.

Christy said...

You did great!

And I'm jealous. I wanted the Garnier Nutritioniste Towelettes, and the Bic Razors. My stores didn't have any left by the time I made it out!

Anonymous said...

What great deals! I am glad you finally got to go to CVS! I wanted to go but we were out of town and I was too tired to go out.

Anonymous said...


Chi said...

You would have been so proud of me today! I saved $28.00 at Target! I used a combination of coupons from the paper, coupons from Target and the fact that everything I bought was on sale! Plus, if you bought 2 of any specific brand of product, you got a free $5 gift card! That is the one thing I love about Texas, there are great deal, tons of coupons AND no tax on food:) Hope you have a happy holiday!