Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friendsgiving Budget

Here's the breakdown of my Friendsgiving spending. I probably should have set a budget before I bought anything......I'll do that next year :)

17 lb turkey- $7.80
2 boxes of stuffing crumb- $1.68
Produce- about $5
Spices- $2.79
2 boxes croutons- $1.08
1 gallon of vegetable broth- $5.48
1 lb of cheese- $3
Rock Salt- $1.48
Jellied Cranberry- $1.18
Cream Cheese $0.88
Walnuts- $2.49
Cornstarch- $0.05
= $32.91

Candles, etc- $13
8 glass plates- $8
Napkins & table runner- $10-ish
= $31

Total Spent: $63.91 to decorate the house and feed at least 14 people.
(I'm preparing the turkey, dressing, gravy, a cheeseball and crackers & a Cesar salad.)

Next year Friendsgiving should be cheaper as I will not need to spend any additional money on decorations. I also picked up the glass plates because they will pay for themselves within a year & are more environmentally friendly than using plastic disposable plates.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem like you spent too much really. I really like the idea of using the glass. It is defiantly better than plastic and for 1 dollar a piece you will save money in the long run! I hope you have a great friendsgiving!