Monday, November 3, 2008

Stocking-up @ Target

Saturday morning, I woke up early for the after-Halloween sale at Target. I was in line by 7:55am (yes, there was a line!) to get into the store @ 8am. I wanted to stock up on candy and pick up a few other odds/ends I've had my eyes on.
My goal was to get enough candy to last the rest of the school year. Every week my speech kiddos get a piece of candy when they complete their homework and return it with their parents signature. Most of my kiddos return their homework folders, so I pass out about 40 pieces of candy a week!

I think I got MORE than enough candy, don't you?
I spent $37.52 for:
8 normal sized bagged candy (used 6 $1/1 nestle printable coupons)
7 jumbo sized bagged candy (used 2 $4/1 manf. coupons)
2 jumbo life saver candy bags (used 2 $1/1 manf. coupon)
$1.49 for a big box of plastic silverware
$1.49 Solo cups
$0.99 pumpkin lawn bags
$2.99 orange picture frame
$1.67 4 pack of rubbermaid containers

Total saved: $68.70!

I put 1 jumbo sized bag and 3 smaller bags of candy in the deep freeze, just in case I don't use them up at school, I can save 'em for next Halloween!

(ps- disregard the dishes in the background!)

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