Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekly grocery trip

Last night I went to Target, Homeland and Walgreens. I wasn't planning on purchasing our Friendsgiving turkey, but I found turkeys on sale for $0.87/lb at Target, and I just couldn't pass that up!

Total spent:
$35.70 at Target
$24.04 at Homeland
$0 at Walgreens

Total saved @ all 3 stores: $75.58
Highlights of my trip (other than 17 lbs of turkey for $13.50):
4 free cans of Hunts tomatoes
$1.78/bag Doritos
Free pillsbury frozen cinnamon rolls (I used my 'try me free' manf coupon)
4 free schick razors from Walgreens
$2/bag shredded cheese
$1/box Kellogg's
Free rice
$0.87 oatmeal


Anonymous said...

Now that we are getting settled I hope to get a printer hooked up so I can get good coupons. We just joined Sam's club and have saved good on some items.

You have been doing such a good job getting good deals. I am envious!

lifesajourney29 said...

Wow! Love your blog! I have Walgreens and Homeland (my major coupon spot) so its good to find someone who isn't reeling in the CVS deals...

Went to and was able to print off $0.60 coupons for Knorr Sides Plus (only two kinds work at my store in Muskogee). So, after coupon and doubling at Homeland each one is $0.19 each.

Also, we are running an ad here for the Progresso Broths 32 oz box at 1.49 each. With coupon (they have a tendency to double when it isn't supposed to be) they are $0.49 each!! Great for soups this winter...

Becki said...

Wow! How on earth did you get so much of your grocery shopping for free!!!??? Is it all with coupons or are you just in the right place at the right time?