Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving in Speech

Last week I used this turkey activity from The website requires a $20/yr subscription, but I have definitely used my $20 worth so far. I used this activity with my articulation only kiddos, and they took the turkey home, (with their target words written on the feathers) as homework.
Since this week was only 2-day school week, both my language and articulation kids made this craft:

It's a hands & feet turkey! The kiddos traced their feet (with their shoes on) and I pre-cut the hands with the ellison press. The kids assembled the turkeys and then wrote at least 6 things they were thankful for.

For my artic kiddos, they just read their 'I'm thankful for...' list aloud with their 'best speech sounds.' With my language kiddos I used this to address their 'following oral directions' goal. This was a very fun craft and took about 20 minutes to complete. All the kiddos loved it- I plan on using this for years to come!

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Anonymous said...

I always loved making turkey hands!