Friday, March 20, 2009


My beloved Cannon G9 bit the dust today.

I sat down in my chair to upload my photos from my KC trip, and it wouldn't turn on. I charged the battery and still nothing. So, after an hour with Geek Squad at Best Buy, my camera is on its way back to Cannon. Estimated return date- 2 weeks from now :(

I'm really sad, but my mom said we could borrow there camera, so I feel a bit better. I don't like to spend alot of money, and when I do I really like to research out my purchase. I saved all my Masters graduation money plus some of my own for that camera- it was the 1st big purchase I made for myself in a long time.

On another note- OSU beat Tennesse in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament! So exciting!


Allison said...

So are you not able to get the pictures? What happened? That bites!

Christy said...

Oh Sarah! That's awful. Hopefully they will be able to work on it and get it back up and running. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

That stinks! I hope you get it fixed son, you will be needing it like crazy in a few months!