Sunday, March 8, 2009

Diapers Galore!

I now remember why stockpiling is such a good idea :)

I woke up early this morning (around 6:30) and couldn't go back to sleep, so I went to the 24 hr Walgreens to run the Huggies deal. I think I fared pretty well. I shoulda used all my $5/1 coupons, but I saved a few for wipes at Target. Here's everything I got:
3 packs of wipes- 184 wipes per pack
Size 1- 2 packs- 88 diapers total
Size 2- 5 packs- 200 diapers
Size 3- 3 packs- 105 diapers
Size 4- 3 packs- 90 diapers
Size 5- 2 packs- 52 diapers
+3 Easter candy fillers
- 11.25 Rebate from Caregiver's Marketplace
= $70.78 total OOP

That averages out to be around $0.11 to per diaper. Pretty good for name brand.

This past summer, Karen and I ran the Walgreens brand diaper deal- and today after church when I realized how many size 2 diapers I have, I think I might need to exchange some...but I'm just going to tape the reciepts to the Huggies and I can return as needed.
I also stockpiled free Huggies wipes back during the Christmas 07 Target sale.....Here's what I already had on hand:

For those of you with kiddos, do you think I need to stock up any more? Should I return any size 1 or size 2 diapers now? Here are my totals:
Size 1- 312 diapers
Size 2- 488 diapers
Size 3- 340 diapers
Size 4- 124 diapers
Size 5- 52 diapers

I'm sure another deal will come along before our kiddo hits size 3-4.......


erincraig said...

Oh wow! I wish I had this much stock piled for our little one! I have zero so far. I was pricing them out at Sam's Club today and they come out to about 15 cents a piece for Huggies. I guess that isn't too bad... You sure have done a great job!

Knoxville said...

keep them all.....keep them all.... and if your little one is small, you'll want newborn size, too. the papers swadlers are my ABSOLUTE favorite.

Christy said...

Did you get any RR for those? I read on Baby Cheapskate ( that $25 worth of Huggies were printing $10 in RR.

We are STILL using baby wipes from last year's Target deal. I have tons more left now, since my girl stopped wearing diapers last year.

Trina said...

I don't need diapers any more, but I couldn't resist doing the deal just once. I know I could use them for a shower down the road!

I think I used more size 3's with both of mine than anything. Seems like they were in 3's for forever.