Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shopping for the baby

Saturday morning, as it began to snow, I met my parents at the 'Mothers of Multiples' garage/consignment sale. They have it twice a year, from 7am-2pm on a Saturday. Mom and Dad went early and found me this great jogging stroller for $50:
Today, we bought this crib at Target (Delta Canton), and I picked up some free wipes with the $5/1 Huggies coupons and the $1.50/1 Target Huggies coupons. I also picked up some $1.50 Dole salad and $0.89 Market Pantry cereal. I don't think Baby K will need wipes any time soon :)

I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I went to the 'Just Between Friends' consignment sale in Tulsa back at the beginning of March. For $75 I got all of this:(moses basket with rocking stand, baby bathtub, boppy pillow, 3 hooded towels, stacking toy)
We are going to have the moses basket and stand in our room, but we didn't want to spend alot, so second-hand was the way to go!

We feel really blessed to have found all of this baby gear for discounted prices. Granted, the crib wasn't on sale, but I really researched the safety, etc- and that's the one that we wanted, and happened to be in our price range.

Do you have 'Just Between Friends' or 'Mothers of Multiples' sales in your area? How else do you find great baby deals?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your bargains! I just wanted to chime in and say that we have this crib and love it (almost 3 years later). It is now converted to a toddler bed, and I loved that I never had to worry about all the recalls of drop-side cribs.

Anonymous said...

Such good deals. You are doing so much better than I did of preparing for the baby! I did have 2 baby showers and got just about everything I needed! Everything else I need I am trying to hold out for a giant consignment sale that a local church has at the end of April. The biggest thing I need still is a rocking chair! I can't pay the 200 or 300 like I see them priced everywhere!

Petunia Bloom said...

I love the stroller! Can't wait to go walkin' with you and Baby K.

Trina said...

I had that same crib for my 2nd. And he slept in it a total of zero times LOL I converted it to a toddler bed and Rayna slept in a some. It's a very versatile crib tho, I think you'll like it.