Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Catch up.....

Photo 76:We had this @ our wedding....all of our guests signed it, and now it hangs at the top of our stairs. I like to read what people wrote every now and then- I just love it :)

Photo 77:
Steaks! It's spring, thus its grilling season!
Photo 78:
Rain, Rain, Go AWAY! It's been raining since bedtime last night. I think we've gotten about 3 inches so far. Notice how nothings alive in my flower bed, besides darn weeds!


Allison said...

Seriously - I think we are on the same photo/blog wavelength - Did you see my rain, rain, go away post too? Too funny!
And I like the picture idea. We almost did that too, but I'm not sure why we never did!

Erin Craig said...

I am so tired of the rain too. I know it is just getting started and that makes me sad. I hate the mud! I am ready for summer.