Monday, March 24, 2008

Target (and a picture)

I spent about $30 @ Target today for all of this, plus 5 bags of candy.
The purple basket was only .49 and I'm going to use if for part of a giveaway @ our Sunday School class recipe exchange. I got those cute springy plates for that too!

The best part of Target was the $5 off any $25 grocery purchase coupon that printed out! And it doesn't expire til the end of April!!!
I feel like I've been a little of a couponing slump- but honestly, I'm just stocked up on everything! I'm getting so cheap- it has to be something we really need/eat alot of or cheap/free for me to buy it.
I don't think I'll go to Homeland this week or this next week. The sales just aren't worth the drive over- we don't really need any of the stuff that's worth couponing for right now.

Photo from yesterday: these weeds are all over our yard. I hate weeds, but I think the purple flowers are pretty :)


Allison said...

Where is that Target coupon?

Erin Craig said...

I think I am in a coupon slup too. I stopped buying the paper because everything that offers coupons are usually prepackaged foods. I am trying to cook healthy and so we really were not using many coupons. I do get to CVS still when I feel like the deals there are good. I haven't went in the past few weeks.

Trina said...

I normally do my weekly grocery shopping on Monday nights and I didn't even go last night. I think it'll pick back up for me in a few weeks, when spring is really here and we want to grill out more. Hopefully there'll be some good deals on meat soon!