Monday, March 3, 2008

Space heaters & saving money

When we got our 1st gas bill after the ice storm- it was outrageous! So, Brandon and I decided to use 2 to 3 space heaters around the house (only running while we were home, of course) for a month to see if we could reduce our gas bill.

Our gas bill cam in the mail a few days ago- and it was reduced by $80 and our electric bill only rose by $18. So, overall, it was worth it to keep the thermostat lower and just run the space heaters as needed.

Just thought I'd share my thrifty heating tip on this cold day :)


Trina said...

Wow that is awesome! Unfortunately for us, my husband works nights, so he's home sleeping during the day and of course I am sleeping at night, so we would need them to run more often than you guys. Plus here in Alabama it doesn't get that cold AND my husband isn't as frugal minded as me.....! He leaves the water running while he's brushing his teeth and all I can think about it money going down the drain! It drives me nuts LOL He just doesn't think that way.

dg said...

I've always wondered if space heaters would be efficient at lowering utility bills. Heating a large house is kind of silly when we're hanging out in a room or two...,