Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When I'm sick....

So, I'm home sick w/ a virus for day 2 now. Yuck.

But, it's allowed me lots of time to rest, and of course, plan our cruise :) I'm now offically addicted to www.cruisecritic.com. If you are ever interested in taking a cruise- check out this website first. They rank and review all the cruise ships, ports, etc. Then they have message boards where you can ask questions/find tons of information.

So, last night @ 1am when I couldn't sleep and was on cruise critic- I found us an amazingly frugal cruise deal!
On day 3 of the cruise we'll be in Nassau, Bahamas.
Atlantis is there- and we've always wanted to go. To have access to the beach and water slides, it would be $159.00 PER PERSON through Royal Carribean's shore excursions.
However- you can book a hotel room through actual Atlantis for $179.00 total for up to 4 adults to have complete access to everything @ the resort! So, after carefully reading I booked us a hotel room @ Atlantis we won't use, but it will save us almost 1/2 of the $ we would have spent on this shore excursion.

I love saving $$ :)


Allison said...

Sorry you are sick!

Trina said...

SOrry you're sick. I went through that right after Valentine's Day and it was awful.

Great deal on that excursion!!! I love it when things like that happen!

Anonymous said...

What a great deal!

Hope you are better soon.
At least thinking about the cruise can make you feel somewhat better, right?

Erin Craig said...

Wow what a great deal. Maybe you will use your room on shore for a quick nap or a shower after playing in the water all day.

Question?? On a cruise is there wall to wall people? We have never wanted to go on a cruise because we want our vacation to be quiet and relaxing. We want to escape the hustle and bustle and a cruise just sounds more tiring to me.