Monday, March 31, 2008

couponing in March....

This past month was one of my worst month's couponing. My local grocery store, Homeland didn't have that many good sales. Luckily- they had triple coupons a few weekends ago, so that was nice.
We used alot of our stockpile this month. And, I was sick w/ the flu & strep, so we had alot of cereal, Arby's, Mazzio's that week! :)

Overall, in March I spent $184.55 on groceries and @ Walgreens.
We saved @ least $156.13!!

I spent over $40 at the local meat market on steaks and pre-packaged hamburgers. Their prices are amazing, and they gave us a 10% off your entire purchase coupon while we shopped.

I hope April has better sales/coupons! I'm running low on chicken, ground beef and some other staples.
How did you do in March?


Trina said...

I don't know my exact numbers but I don't think I did that great this month either. The sales haven't been that great. We too used alot of our stockpile, especially this weekend. We've been low on money so we've been eating what we can find at the house. Which is what I always try to do but hubby likes to eat out alot. :(

Allison said...

I just added up March. I saved 64.28. I've been averaging around $60 per month. But you have to remember that my grocery stores suck! 2008 total savings is $191.64 - and that's all on things we will use or definitely needed!