Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flower girls and random tidbits

This afternoon, Brandon and I were Jocelyn's 'helpers' at her aunt's wedding. I am just amazed at how well early intervention and great parenting work! (and, God's grace!) 2 years ago, Joceyln was just learning how to draw a circle with hand-over-hand prompting, and had great difficulty with social situations. Today, she was walked down the aisle as a flower girl, sat through the entire wedding ceremony and lasted for 1/2 of the reception!

To answer some puppy questions- most Pomerianians don't really shed. Brandon had Sebastian for years, and he never shed. We'll have to take Leia to the goomer though for some trims!

Also- a puppy potty training question- Leia will go outside, but is hesitant to pee outside. We've even put a puppy pad out there, but she won't go on it. Any tips?


Allison said...

Are you using a crate? I don't know if you mentioned that or not -but that's helped out a lot here. Also, I would just try and take her out as much as you can and just let her get used to her new surrounding outside and I'm sure she'll probably start going at some point. We tried the puppy pads and the worked sometimes, but not really enough for us - I don't know, maybe we weren't using them correctly though? Anyway, good luck. I wish I could see her! She is so cute!

Chi said...

I just took my dog for a little walk around the yard to sniff it out. She will eventually go and then she will have a spot. I didn't use puppy pads eithers; they didn't work for me. Good luck!