Thursday, August 14, 2008

Office Depot

Tonight I ran to Office Depot to pick up some supplies for my room. My dad saves all of his old ink cartridges from work (he owns his own business) and I usually take them up to OD or Staples to cash them in for $3 off coupons.

Well, at Office Depot, you can use up to 3 $3 coupons at a time- so $9 off your purchase. Tonight I checked out twice, and for $2.24 I got:
100 file folders
2 sets of A-Z dividers
2 desk trays

It's also pretty green- recylcing your ink and then it's frugal getting something in return :)


tammie said...

hey, hope your 1st week went well. my teacher inservice and workday starts monday. did you know CVS was starting to put its weekly sale in the Friday paper? at least it is here. just wanted to give "one frugal chick" a heads up!!!

Crazy Daisy said...

This is awesome! If this for any ink cartridges? I used to do this at office max, but now they require one to join their point program and wait for the special coupon...