Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been awhile!

I just realized that I haven't updated this thing since Sunday!
I've been slacking on my daily photos, I need to start taking my camera with me more.

This week was pretty quiet, and I loved it!
It was a pretty 'normal' week at work- no big paperwork surprises like there was last week. I'm getting to know my speech kiddos better, and I really enjoy working with them!
I've been borrowing workbooks and materials from my mentor SLP and from others in the district. I have copied/printed off at least $400 worth of supplies- it's such a blessing to be in a position in which I can really build up my speech therapy supplies without breaking the bank!
Alot of these books I borrowed had CD's of the actual workbook, so I made a few copies, legally of course :)

Here's a cute photo sequence of Brandon and Leia playing:
Brandon had to start wearing a winter glove on his hand when playing with her- her teeth are just too sharp now!

We're looking forward to a quiet weekend and the 1st OSU football game of the season!!!

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Anonymous said...

Going to a fooball game sounds like fun. I hope your team wins!