Thursday, July 3, 2008

Before & After- our master bedroom

Here's our master bedroom on move-in day:notice the blue carpet and the dark, splotchy (spelling?) paint!

Here's our bedroom 2 days later:
We purchased a remnant of stainmaster carpet and I painted the room all day yesterday while Brandon was at work! (I have this week off)

I'm trying to be as frugal as possible as we paint/fix up the new house. So far, these are the deals I've gotten:

tons of $$ saved by buying a remnant from a local carpet store- we carpeted the room for around $300!!!
Lowes- 10% off entire purchase and $10 off any $25 purchase coupons
Valspar paint's $5 rebate per gallon
$9.99 curtains at Target
& doing all the painting, taping, etc myself.


Ariel said...

That looks great!! The brighter colors really opened up the room. I love that bedspread!

Trina said...

Nice job! I like that paint color :)

Karen said...

It looks awesome! Will and I will be here for the weekend. If Eli is clear Saturday morning, we may still go in to Wewoka that afternoon. Why don't you call Kathy and see when she will be available to sit. We will go from there. Will has a little bit of work to do, I think he's going to try to go in tomorrow morning. He also has to do some yardwork tomorrow. So if she is free in the morning early afternoon I could help then even if we do leave town. Sorry for the novel, I'm thinking as I write. Let me know what she says.