Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Budget

I haven't done this well couponing since March!

In July, I spent a total of $268.54 on groceries, anything purchased at Wal-Mart and @ Walgreens.
Before coupons/sales- the total was $699.89
I saved $431.35!!!!

I usually keep my food/toiletries budget as close to $200 a month as possible, but there were deals this month that were just too hard to pass up! Granted, not everything I bought was for us- like the J&J deal. But, it was for baby shower gifts, which I would have been spending $ on anyways, just not out of this category our of budget.

How did you do this month? What was your most impressive savings/deal?


Ariel said...

My goodness!! That's awesome!! Big congrats!

Trina said...

Awesome Sarah :)