Thursday, July 24, 2008

Puppy Prep

Next Saturday, we are picking up our new puppy, Leia! Andy's (my friend from college) dog had 4 Pomeranian puppies. Brandon has always loved pom's and we have wanted a dog for a good while. But, we kept telling ourselves we needed to wait til we had a house and a big yard. Now that we finally do-we decided to take one of Andy's puppies. I let Brandon pick her name- he decided to name her after Princess Leia from Star Wars. Nerdy, I know!
Last night we went to Petsmart to gather up all the stuff we'd need for the new addition to our family. Today, I went to Ross and found this pet bed and food/water bowls for 1/2 the price!I love finding good deals outside of couponing. We also ordered her a crate online- we saved $20 doing it that way over Petsmart.
Did anyone else crate train their puppy? Any advice?


Elizabeth said...

She is precious!!! My parents had a sweet little blonde pomeranian, but she ran away (or maybe got stolen) last year. She was the best little pet. You are going to have so much fun with her.

Anonymous said...

Yeah a puppy! We crate trained ours. We still keep them crated anytime we leave. But our dogs are so much bigger I doubt I can give much advice or help. How exciting!!!

Oh we haven't been renting, worse we live with my in-laws. Acctually my husband built their house and our house is an apartment in the basement. We have a walk out basement and there are no steps joining the 2 houses. We have 4 bedrooms of our own so it really isn't like an apartment. So confussing to explain! Blake's parents are really old and we own the whole house. It is our way of making sure they are takin care of for their last years. But we move in the next 2 or 3 weeks!

Chi said...

Hi Sarah! I just came upon your blog. I really enjoy all the coupon tips you have! I crate trained all 3 of my dogs, yes 3! For me, it was hard because when they cried or whimpered, I just wanted to let them out. But, you have to be strong and just leave them in there. I am so glad that I did it though. My lab has NEVER had an accident in the house and she will hold it until I get home (and I used to be gone over 10 hours a day)! Good luck!

Christy said...

The puppy is precious! If you think Leia is nerdy, you'll get a kick out of this--hubs named our German Shepherd after his favorite fantasy character from a series of ultra nerdy books. Yep. And I let him!

We crate trained both of our dogs. If you ahve any questions, just ask.

My only piece of advice is to stick with it. It will be terribly sad to hear her whine to be let out, but stick with it.