Monday, July 21, 2008

Free chairs!

I found these deals on HCW- and they work!

Walgreens has their outdoor, foldy chairs (w/ arms) for 50% off. In the July Easy Saver catalog there is a $5 off rebate offer for the quad chair, with no limit!

So, it looks like this:
Quad Chair- 9.99
-50% discount
=$5.42 (including tax)
-$5 mail in rebate- line 39 on the earnings sheet (remember, if you get it on a WG gift card, you get 10% more- so that would cover the tax!)= FREE!

I found the chairs by the registers at my store, but be sure and check the clearance aisles too!

Also- many Walgreens have the cucumber melon line of Johnson & Johnson on clearance for $3.59. (make sure and get the 27 or 28 oz ones!)
Purchase 3= 10.77
-$3 (easy saver coupon)
-$3 in manf. coupons from
= 4.77 plus tax oop
earn a $5 RR for your next purchase, meaning FREE baby stuff for all those baby showers I have coming up!


Trina said...

Awesome Sarah, thanks! I am going to Walgreens tonight to see if my store has the chairs.

I printed off some of the J&J coupons, but wasn't sure which ones exactly so I picked the Head-To-Toe baby wash and Moisture Care baby wash. I was able to print two of each. Is that right?

Trina said...

Oh and tag, you're it. Check my blog for details.

Whitney said...

Thanks for the details on the chair deal! I am going to check it out as soon as naps are over.
I wanted to also say Hi and that I like your blog and the deals!