Monday, July 14, 2008

Walgreens deals.....

Or should I say steals? :) ha! Look at all I got for $11.40 (it was 6.04 before tax):
Without the Walgreens Easy Saver booklet and my manf. coupons I would have spent $94.38!
Here's the breakdown:
  • Loreal Vive Shampoo/Conditioner- Walgreens has it on sale for B1G1 Free, then I had 3 B1G1 Free manf. coupons, combine them together=6 FREE!
  • Maalox chewables- on sale for 3.99, used the Easy Saver booklet coupon for $2 off each one, and then the $2/1 manf coupon from this past Sunday's paper= FREE!
  • Garden tools on sale- .40 and .50!
  • Schick Razors- originally $5.99; I used the $2/1 Easy Saver booklet coupon x6, then 3 of the B1G1 Free coupons from the Sunday paper= $0.99 a package

I went to QT afterwards to get more coupons from the Daily Oklahoman, but the paper lady had already picked all the old Sunday ones up :( So, unless my inlaws bring me some of the coupons from Texas, I won't be able to run this deal again......but I'm pretty proud of my coupon deal!


Trina said...

Girl! I am so thankful for you!!! And proud you got in on a good deal.

The list I get did not list the Vive as being free so I skipped right over it. I already went to Walgreens last night, but I will go again to get 2 free bottles of shampoo and 2 free conditioners!

The Maalox in our area is $4.99, not $3.99 so this wouldn't be free for me :(

Karen said...

I spent 10 something for 63$ of stuff! I'm excited about Homeland. What'd you get at Office Depot?

April said...

Awesome I know where I am going tomorrow