Sunday, July 13, 2008

A productive weekend (& picture catch-up)

This weekend we got alot of the projects around the house completed. I can't believe the house has taken shape this fast- it really feels like our home now!
Friday I ran errands, had a lunch date w/ Chenelle and Erica and went to our monthly scrapbook night. I did find white thermal/blackout curtains on sale for $6.24 at Target, so I bought all they had (2 of 'em) for our media room.
Saturday we went to Chad's wedding and saw alot of our old church friends. Here's Liz and I:
and then Brandon and I:After the wedding, Karen, Will and the kiddos came over and we painted the media room, installed a ceiling fan and Audri even helped me with dinner! Brandon took this one of Audri- any kiddo who will play w/ an OSU football gets an A+ in our book :)It's such a blessing to have such great friends that are willing to help us with these projects. We are done painting for a little while, besides for some touch-ups and the trim @ the top of the stairs. I'll post pictures of the newly completed media room soon!


Trina said...

Love the new background :)

Painting is so tedious isn't it? Good thing you have really nice friends to help you.

And how cool that you guys have a media room! My hubs would love that LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I was SO rude to you at the wedding! I had been searching for my mom because we were having a busseling crisis with Rachel's dress. Once I saw her I totally ran away from you...I'm really sorry. It was great to see you there! What a small world!