Monday, July 14, 2008

The good deals are back!

I love all these good deals going on right now! It feels really nice to be getting back into couponing.

I just got back from Target and spent only $11 on lunch meat, 4 pk of klennex (I have a sinus infection), bread, 3 cans of pringles and sour cream! I used 3 of the Target .50/1 pringles coupons, 1 .30/3 manf coupon, a sour cream coupon and a free lunch meat coupon from land o frost.
We swung by Office Depot tonight to get Brandon some ink for his printer- we used the max amount ($9) of the ink exchange coupons and cut the cost of his ink in 1/2! I used 3 of the coupons and paid $0.26 for a reem of paper, 500 stickers and glue sticks- all of which I'll use when school starts.

Earlier I was on HCW, and saw the Walgreens preview ad for next week. I saw that Seventh Generation cleaners/products are 25% off. If you go to this website and register, you can print numerous SG coupons.
(hint- Karen..since you love this stuff!)


Christy said...

OOOH! Office Depot is running their Back to School specials too...check out for more info on the deals, but tons of stuff is only $.01.

(I like the new design, by the way!)

Karen said...

Hmmm...I'll have to check out Office Depot too! I'm going to try to go to Target sometime this week too.