Friday, July 11, 2008

Pickens Plan

As many of you know, Brandon and I adore our Alma mater, OSU. A very wealthy oil man, T. Boone Pickens has made numerous donations to the school and athletic department. Thus, we like him too- he's making our school a better place (and hopefully a better football team!) through his donations.

Anywho- earlier this week I was flipping channels and I saw good ol' Boone on Fox and CNN News. (Wearing a bright orange tie of course!) He was promoting his new energy plan, the Pickens Plan. He's putting alot of $$$$ behind this to run ad's throughout the presidential race...anywho, check out the website:

Basically, he (the oil man) is saying that we are running out of oil, and we need to stop being so dependent on it. (duh!) He proposes using wind power to generate electricity. Wind is a renewable resource, throughout the plains there is plenty of open space to construct these wind farms.
He also proposes using natural gas to fuel transportation. This part I don't understand, but I think it comes after the wind power stuff takes off.

Anywho- I don't usually promote political stuff here, but I think it's great that someone is launching a huge campaign and has a 10 yr plan for reducing our dependence on oil. I just hope it works!

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