Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It was like Christmas!

Today, I went to my elementary school to meet the principal and see if a nice janitor would let me peek into my future speech therapy room. When I got there, I met the Principal, secretary and school counselor (all of which were super friendly) and they even offered to give me my key to my room early! I couldn't believe it!
My Principal gave me a tour of the school, and then showed me my room. But wait, it's not really even a room.........I have my own stinkin' building! Ok, it's a pre-fab building. And, the entire inside is decorated in wood paneling. But still- it's my space for the year. My space to speech pathologize the heck out of.
She also allowed me to break loose and dig through all the boxes of materials left by the old SLP. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, but I was thinking "I wonder where the artic cards are?" and "Oh YES! They do have extra copies of the PLS forms!"
I spent about 2 hrs opening about 15 boxes and going through filing cabinets.

This is going to be a great year!


Michelle said...

That's very exciting! I'm sure you will quickly cover up those wood paneled walls with some colorful posters. Enjoy yourself!!

Elizabeth said...

That is awesome that you will have your own building. I actually had a desk in a hallway at my first job. I had so scoot my chair up so people could walk by. You are very lucky and the materials sound great too!

erincraig said...

Wow that is so exciting. When does school start? You have worked hard, I think you deserve your own building!