Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WFMW: renting ladders

I haven't participated in WFMW in a while, but I'm back! Make sure and check more WFMW tips out over @ www.rocksinmydryer.typepad.com

Did you know that you can rent ladders and other home improvement equipment from Home Depot?

We are almost done painting our new home, but we can't reach the top of the walls on the staircase and entryway from our 6 ft. ladder. Brandon called Home Depot tonight, and we can rent a ladder for the staircase for $24/day or $17 for 4 hrs.
So, Home Depot rentals work for me!


Carol said...

I did not know you could rent stuff like that from HD. Thanks for the info!

Daisy K said...

OOOOO I NEVER thought to rent a ladder!! We always rent out carpet and house cleaner but not the ladder!! Thanks for the heads up... I may not have to hire a painter after all... I was very afraid of how we were going to get an 18 ft ceiling painter without pro help!!
Thanks again!!

The Momster said...

Well for the love of a duck :) That's awesome to know because we are about to paint the exterior of our home (2 story with a peak) and the two story landing in the hallway! Yeah! I don't have to spend a fortune on a ladder....thank you so much!

(Can you tell I'm excited?) LOL