Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today's photo + Homeland

Last night while Brandon mowed the lawn, I rid the fireplace of boxes and odds/ends that hadn't found a home yet. Doesn't it look great now? (This picture also shows off our new wall color)

Tonight, Brandon decided to run my grocery errands with me, since we are preparing for his parents to come spend the weekend with us. We went to Homeland, and this is what we got:
2 Eskimo Pie Ice cream treats- $2 each
- $1/1 manf coupon (doubled)= FREE!
2 Ragu sauce pouches- $1.75
-$.75/1 manf coupon= $.25 each
Smart Balance butter- $2.99
- $1/1 manf coupon= $.99
Beef for Saturday's dinner- on sale for $2.99/lb
Dole Salad- $1.89
-$.55/1 manf coupon= $.79
and a few other things I didn't have coupons for, but they had on sale or a decent price.

Total spent: $24.21
Total saved: $17.85


KarensKidCrafts said...

I might have to run to homeland afterall!

Trina said...

Love the brick in that fireplace. Very pretty!